More complete logs for CMF

With no left mouse button I really had fun yesterday morning, with the normal CFP popups after installing a new version of Avira, BoClean popup warning and CMF warning. Some I could respond to some I could not because of the lack of the left mouse button.

Wonder if more details could be placed into the CMF logs about what program or programs caused the attempted buffer over flow. The log only lists Windows Explorer.exe which is used for almost all programs to gain entry to the INTERNET.

I thought it was the new version of Avira, but a warning that came during this time said that “Startup monitor” was trying to accept a UDP connection from the Internet.
As for as I know “Startup Monitor” monitors programs wanting to run at start up. I know its redundant but it has notified me of events other programs fail to.

I thought if could have been Avira in combination with Startup Monitor but not sure?
I wrote port but it looks more like a dns address ?

But if more information could be listed besides Explorer.exe in the logs, as what was contained in the popup about Startup Manager.

I know CMF will always be, as well as BoClean etc. but anxiously awaiting June or July’s update of CFP which might also contain a version of CMF but with shared and balanced resources.



Reason: Out-Dated post.