Montana TV warns of ZOMBIE ATTACK in epic prank hack... :)

Pranksters managed to hack a TV emergency alert system in Montana on Monday to broadcast an on-air audio warning about the supposed start of a zombie apocalypse.

Viewers of Great Falls, Montana, television station KRTC watching a Jerry Springer-style show (specifically the Teen Cheaters Take Lie Detectors segment of The Steve Wilkos Show) had their ears assaulted by an on-air warning that “bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living”.

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Heard anonymous had something to do with it, don’t know though.

awesome ;D
beats reality TV hands down

Edit: in fact I would rather face the zombie apocalypse then a have to endure a “Jerry Springer” type show every day and twice on Sundays.

Ha ha ha LOL! ROFL! When I heard about this news I was laughing my socks off esp when some ppl took this seriously and called the police :slight_smile: But the US military already did practice for this scenario already so you never know :slight_smile:

the end is truly nigh :smiley:
If the zombies do appear i’ll be sandboxing myself in my bunker lol

I don’t really think that kind of practice is weird, it’s their duty to be prepared for pretty much everything thinkable and while Zombies in the sense of living dead isn’t really that probable, a rabies like virus with “zombie” attributes isn’t that hard to imagine and is in fact possible. But, they’d still be living and able to die from blood loss etc, so not the kind of zombies you find in movies or games.
In fact I think it’s a good practice overall.

Whats wrong with jerry springer.?
I love his shows,Livened the weekend up no end. ;D ;D

Looking at what generally happens when US forces are let loose on country I’d say that Zombies are probably a better scenario :o

theres only one thing I can think that I rather do less than spend a wkend watching Jerry or reality shows in general and thats… soaps AARRGGGHHHH NO PLZ NO I can feel my brain melting
In fact this might be the cause of the zombie apocalypse - everyones brain melts due to soap opera overload ?
It could happen :smiley:

Sure. Well the US military got the biggest budget in the world so they can afford to practice for everything imaginable. But they would still practice for something possible. And yes I heard about some biological weapons which can turn alive humans into the state of zombie. Scary… But it’s still a speculation :slight_smile:

Ha ha ha LOL! ROFL! You made my day! :slight_smile: :-TU

haha nice one ;D
just saying what we where all thinking…