Monitors Cant be turned on... help!

Alright, just a pre-warning, i have had this before and had to re-install and re-teach CMF.
Just today i log onto my account, and things take ALOT longer than normal, usually takes a second or two, and it took a good minute for comodo firewall to load up, at which point it said “Intializing…” on the traybar hover. However, i did not notice this until i had installed a few security applications(CCleaner, Secunia PSI, & GMER). I highly doubt the apps had anything to do with it, but its good to know. So, now on to the actual problem. I run CMF in custom mode, and have taught it what to allow etc, However, when i go to the main pannel(Summary) i see that ; Application Monitor- Off; Component Monitor-Off; Network Monitor - On; Application Behaviour Anaylsis -Off; and my protection strength is Poor. If i try to navigate to one of the Off monitors, and attempt to turn it on, it simply will not. I can click the box, but it never checks as on, and always stays off. My Network monitor is working fine though, and thats why I am so confused.

So , in summary, i need help to figure out how to turn back on most of my security monitors, as currently they are stuck on disabled.

Thanks a bunch if anyone knows whats goin’ on, if you need some more info i can give it.

bump. really need help with this!

Only time I’ve seen something like this occur on a system where it was working fine, is when other security software causes a conflict. I have both ccleaner and GMER on more than one install with CFP, and have experienced any problems (although only CFP is actively running; both other apps are used only as-needed).

Given that SecuniaPSI is a Beta product and otherwise unknown to me, I’d be looking at that as a potential culprit. Any time you install software - especially security software, which is likely to install into the core of the system - it’s wise to disconnect from the internet, disable all other security applications, and then install. SafeMode is a good place to do this, as it pretty thoroughly removes installation conflict issues.