Monitoring bug and suggestions

CPM doesn’t want to monitor Cool timer 3.7 installation

Even if you click Install and monitor from right click menu, it’s just listed as not monitored in the list.

Win 7 x32


  1. Some sort of indication that installation is actually monitored. Since right now the only way to check is to Restart CPM after install

  2. “Refresh button” for the programs and maybe drivers list. Again right now the only way to se the difference in the list after installing something is to close and re-open CPM, wich can take up to 5 minutes for whatever reason.

  3. “Upload to database” button for those who want to update the DB with newly installed program as soon as possible … I suppose that’s just me, right?..

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We will try to reproduce and fix the issue with the application that isn’t monitored.Thank you for your support.
Regarding the applications list and the issue with the monitored status, you can use the summary button which acts like a refresh button.