Monitoring traffic and "Skip parent"

I used Kerio for 3 years, but since its buggy (i had bluescreens with creative drivers, in new versions it hungs some install shield based setups) and now im trying Comodo. I like it quite, but there are some tiny features that i miss (a probably not only i).

The first one is that on the main page local trafic is monitored. It looks a bit stupid when I use torrent at max speed and i get stats: 4% torrent; 96% XWin (i use Cygwin-X).

Another feature is “skip parent”. I can check it after i create the rule, but for most applications i would like to have it checked at creation (maybe i miss something, but i havent seen any option to do so). Its especially annoying when i launch a program through TotalCommander, create a rule, and then launch through Start Menu (or any part of explorer) and have to recreate the rule.

Except for this i like Comodo a lot and hope to use it for a long time :]


First of all, Welcome, I think you will like this firewall very much. This is a group that will help you with any “problem” that you encounter. No one needs to worry about asking “dopey questions” because there are none! I have found that this is a very friendly forum.

I have yet to use “skip parent” in any scenario. But to me, it would seem that Regardless of what any parent application is trying to do, it would be blocked or allowed depending on how you answered and if you checked to remember your answer. I agree with you that it would be natural for that option to be presented when CPF asks to make a rule and then carry the rule over to all following situations.

So GL1zdA, I realize I did not answer any of your concerns but I am sure someone will be along to help you out but there is this,411.0.html and,894.0.html that includes info on torrents. I don’t use so I don’t have a clue.

Hi and welcome to the forum! No there are no dopey questions here as munckman said. But the answers may be a different story. :wink: :smiley: If you go to Application monitor, click on a parent in the window, click edit, you can choose three options, 1 to skip the parent, 2 learn the parent, 3 specify a parent.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the answers.

Yes, I know I can edit the parent settings for each program, but for most program i would like to have the option to check “skip parent” at the first rule creation - it would be a bit time saving.

Oh, my torrents are fine - i only used it to show the amount of data that is exchanged with the internet and in the local loopback. Here’s a screenshot:

I have a 512 kb/s connection. At the time i took this screenshot uTorrent showed download about 48 kB (which is 3/4 of my bandwidth) and the rest was consumed by foobar2000 and a internet radio. But comodo showed only stat bars for XWin and wmaker because the amount of data exchanged through the loopback by them was much bigger than the data exchanged through internet. (I know we use rarely on Windows programs working like X-Server but i think there should be an option not to count the loopback traffic (just like the one not to monitor connections)).