Monday, Tuesday,... Sunday.


is it possible with Comodo to mark some applications as working at ‘monday, tuesday’ or other days in a week and disable it for example the rest of the week? And this each week continuosly?

Or for example mark with Comodo some applications as first week of each month as allowed. Or last week or last 3 days or something like that?



Does this maybe belong to ideas-corner or something?

no, it belongs to holidays on Mars…could be what I need when I read posts like that . OK: no CFP is not a scheduler, but I’m sure the idea, at least, will be implemented in its hidden AI engine, one day (:KWL).

In the meantime you could activate CFP on Mondays, allowing a few apps to run
…Online Armor on Tuedays, with other apps allowed
…Outpost on Wednesdays…well you see what I mean, Good Luck!

Does cpf3 support profiles? (I can’t remember ???)
if it does, you could maybe set up different profiles, and change between them depending on what you want?

Leopard19 is right, CFP is NOT a scheduler.
ABTTh, you could try a product like Automize to record your mouseclicks and keyboard presses as a macro loading different profiles in CFP, and create scheduled tasks in Task Scheduler to run the macros.