Mod's informal bug analysis - or what [M30] means

Just to say the mods are having a go at some informal bug analysis for 6.0 as we did for 5.0

Not sure it can evolve into issue tracking - lots of unresolved dependencies there :slight_smile:

I am entering issues from the 2626-39 build review into Bugzilla (my own copy). This has no official status guys!

On first pass issues I judge to have severity of normal and above are being entered, when entered bugs get a code like this [M30]. I am about half way through the list (just starting page 8 of 14.25) but only decided to code them up in the forum after issue number 30ish. I am currently adding codes for issues 1-30.[Edit: 1-30 now updated]

Best wishes


Please also note Xmas is coming so progress may be slow.