Modifying safe list from ESM

Hello all -

I am new to Comodo but I am liking what I see :smiley:

Running Comodo ESM 1.6.30630.7 on server
Comodo Internet Security 4.1.152745.936 on the client with the “Endpoint Security” configuration.

Is there a way to add applications to a GLOBAL or User Safe-List without having to go onto the client system itself, change to Local Administration Mode and moving the application within “My Pending Files” to “My Own Safe Files”?

I can see entries appear in the Request Monitor when the application is launched, but marking the application “Do not run this application in the Sandbox again” or “Always trust the publisher” doesn’t seem to have any effect, relaunching the app just creates a new entry.

I apologize if I missed it in ESM User Guide PDF, let me know what page(s).


You can push out a Safe List using the CESM Console. The problem is that it doesn’t always stick. It some how gets removed from the user when you push a config or apply an update to the CIS client. It’s a bug that I have address with Comodo Engineers. I haven’t heard any news from it yet, but I will let you know what I find out for a fix.

The name of the Sequence is CIS Append Safe List.