Modifying Comodo Firewall interface (the popups)?

The firewall is pretty great as far as free stuff goes, beats the overwhelming majority of the paid ones, too (though it’s not very intuitive that you need to turn up the alert level to stop it from remembering extremely broad rules - remembering an answer for one IP shouldn’t result in a rule that permanently allows that program’s connection for all IPs. And while I’m at it, it’s very sneaky that upon installation Comodo immediately scanned my running programs and sent a few of them to the cloud, all before I managed to turn off the cloud sharing nonsense. Extremely uncool.).

Now to the actual subject, since I’ve set the firewall to ask a lot of questions about everything, including every single system connection and IPv6 ones, the amount of clicks it takes to do a thing becomes time consuming due to the amount of alerts. And the popups don’t allow for single click resolution of a question - you need to click to open further options, then click again (and maybe move your mouse to ‘remember answer’ tickbox as well) before you’re done. Can it be made so that all the buttons are instantly available (there should be enough space on the screen, even on my generic ■■■■■■ 15.6" 1366x768)? Also, is there a hotkey for the ‘remember answer’ tickbox, so I don’t have to move the mouse there all the time? And can I set it to remember the tickbox state per application, not just remembering the previous state universally? Thanks.

P.S. oh, and how do I copy IPs? Can’t seem to copy them from the popup alert box, neither can I do that from Inbound/Outbound Connection windows. I can begrudgingly remember an IPv4, but IPv6s…

1- Display the firewall log
2- Click on export then save the log (html format)
3- Open the file in the browser

Press the ALT key while an alert is displayed and you can see the keys that can be used with Alt pressed to answer the alerts, the remember my answer tick state is global so once it is selected it will always be checked for each new alert.