Modified MBR: Is this a threat?


I have just finished running a full scan with Comodo Cleaning Essentials. And I had the following checked in Options:

Scan for Suspicious MBR modifications

Report all MBR modifications

The scan took over an hour to complete, and in the results it showed an MBR Modification ( MBR@Disk 0).

But, since I did not know whether this was a false positive, to be on the safer side I did not clean or remove but instead chose ignore.

So now, can someone offer any advice on what I should do regarding the MBR modification - is it unsafe? should i remove it?


if you ever used any boot loader tools, such as grub, lilo, etc. it might changed your mbr.
otherwse, you can choose disinfect, we have boot option to let you restore old mbr if the fixed one does not work.