modified hosts?

I just completed a smart scan with CCE and it bought up two abnormal system issue: 1) Disabled UAC, I did that myself because of how annoying it can get and 2) Modified hosts. I tried to repair it and it failed apparently. I did a little bit of research and from my understanding this “Modified host” is a file from system32 or something. Does anyone have some information on this?

The host file can be found in \Windows\System32\Drivers\etc
The file should contain comments that start with # and only one rule with localhost in it to be seen as ‘Default’.

Do you have anything else in there?

I do have a long list of websites in there . The list was created by Spybot search and destroy

Did you set Spybot or any other program to protect the Hosts file?

I just checked spyboy and it has an option to immunize global hosts. So im pretty sure that is the problem

I too use the mvps hosts file and CCE flags it as a threat - modified hosts. So can I take it that this warning can be ignored?