Modified excutables always assumed safe in clean pc mode

I’ve recently upgraded to CIS 3.5 (I was using COMODO 3.0).
This issue also existed with 3.0 it started a while ago, I can’t tell exactly when.

The issue is that the “My pending files” list is uselss when a file is modified. My Defense+ is set to “Clean PC Mode”.

I take for exemple Google Chrome that updates itself automatically, when that happens I got the usual alerts from defense+ about the updater modifying protected files etc… Once the update process is finished, I can see all Google Chrome components flag as “Modified” in “My pending files” list.
Then if I launch Google Chrome (using its icon on my desktop), I got NO message at all from Defense+ or from the Firewall…

I’m not sure if this behavior is normal…

system info: up to date Win XP 32bit
User in administrator group
Defense+ set to Clean PC mode
Firewall set to Safe mode.
Product version 3.5.54375.427

See this thread for more information.


Thank you adric, I understand now, but this is not obvious in the Help. It should be explained that “modified” executables will only trigger an elert if they do something that was not granted before…

But I think it’s the right solution :slight_smile: Too much alert is dangerous because we tend to ignore them after some time…