Modernization of CIS logging

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Judging by the Windows Resource Monitor, CIS_Pro_12.2.4.8032 writes a log to the HDD / SSD on an event. For each firewall blocking event, hips, etc. - immediately there is a recording on a slow disk, thereby reducing the performance of the PC. And there can be many thousands of such events in a day. For example, you seem to have blocked the program from accessing the Internet and you think that everything is fine, there are no more firewall warnings, but behind the scenes the program continues to hit the Internet and the firewall does not let it in. And for each such event of a silent lock - CIS writes to the log on the disk. And all right, if the program, according to the algorithm, has only 1-2 attempts to communicate with its servers, but there are programs that are constantly hammering and hammering, hammering and hammering, they can’t calm down in any way and each attempt is written to disk. During the day, depending on the programs, there can be hundreds and thousands of such swotting. This seriously reduces the performance of a PC with an HDD, and increases the wear on the cells of the SSD.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
I want you to do like in the picture below. That is, enter 2 interconnected radio buttons: 1 - recording to disk by event (as it is happening now); 2 - writing to disk in periods (the log is accumulated in RAM and dumped to disk once every X minutes). That is, I want to set the periods for writing the log to disk myself. The log will be accumulated in RAM and written to disk by a timer.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
The new feature will significantly reduce the load on the disk and thereby increase the performance of the PC. PCs with an HDD drive will work faster, while PCs with an SSD drive will reduce cell wear by reducing rewrite cycles.

4. Any other information:
You can’t just uncheck the checkbox and turn off logging. Yes, this will certainly reduce the load on the disk, but it will also reduce the security of the PC. The log is an important part of PC security analysis and you don’t want to turn it off. Therefore, I ask you to introduce this functionality in the new version of CIS. With this upgrade, we expand the functionality of CIS. Those who need it, let them choose the first radio button and write a log on the event, and whoever wants to write on a timer, select the second radio button and everyone will be satisfied. Thank you.

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this can be very good…

Hi neonov,

Thank you for submitting wish request with detailed information.
We will check and take this to the dev team.