Moderators have DACS Preview (best detection in the world) :)

Hi Guys

The moderators today got the awesome privilege of DACS, A stand a lone version of it. Egemen and the CIS team are currently now working on implementing it into CIS, designing the alerts etc.

All I can say is, DACS will guarantee the best detection in the world It will turn the AV Market upside down big time.

Stay tuned… Coming soon :wink: Release date: unknown.


OK, I’m an idiot. What does DACS stand for?

Can’t tell you guys yet :frowning:

Patent and legal stuff still needs to be sorted.


Sorry, I somehow missed this thread:;msg444366#msg444366

That’s ok mate. Anyway… Get ready for a comet to hit earth hahahaha…


I’m putting my helmet on as I type…

Right now I’m digging for China. 88)

So I guess correct question will be … when DACS technology will be patented?

khm, any false positives, Josh?

Usually I’m a very patient and not so curious guy but now I’m very intrigued and not so patient. ;D
For Christ’s sake tell us more or stop teasing us.

Any idea how much time it will take for the technology to be patented ? I’m not talking about a release.


Yet another useless thread about DACS without infomation.

Yep. Just to create hype…

It sparked your curiosity, hasn’t it?

What if you are not connected to the internet? ???

Going in circles without information.
Loosing time.

Best detection??? And what about FP?? Wait an see

Сomodo becomes Apple ;D


So any screenshots of the standalone DACS???

I think mod won’t show you screenshots… Yet not even want to give the name of the program. :slight_smile:


Sorry folks, i know, a bit immature and useless, i wish we could divulge more but we cant so please stop asking. Youll see it soon enough
Hope you understand.


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