Mobile Phone Eraser?

There are quite a good freeware for Computer/HardDisk erasing.

Are mobile phones risky too? Are there free mobile phone eraser?

Any recommended free?

I can only speak for Android although I’m sure you can apply these comments to any smartphone. If you’re thinking of disposing of the phone, remove the SIM and SDCard(s) and either destroy them or keep them. Perform a factory reset on the phone.

Other than that, there are quite a few utilities that purport to safely erase files from your phone, both free and paid. I’ve never actually tried one of these and if I did, I’d apply the same principles of securely erasing files to that on a PC.

I guees s cell phone is in the end nothing more than a USB hard drive. Hook it up to your pc and use CCleaner, Glary Utilities or others to do a multiple write erasing procedure…

A builtin remote utility on Revo’s
Phonelocator Pro will completely erase a phone back to factory default files/folders only upon using it.
So this is possible.