Mobile/PDA/Cell Phone Protection?


Cell Phones/PDA/etc… has the feature to use wifi and other network connection functions…
so, in aspect of the “Trusted Internet” Wouldn’t Comodo or Any other “trusted Internet” supporter should start creating applications/programs for Cell Phones/PDA/etc…


PDA/Cell Phones/etc… are just like pc’s just very smaller… sending viruses from a cell phone is pretty easy ( I have done this before) and connecting to other networks is easy as doing it on pc’s…

Cell Phones/PDA/etc… Are In The Catergory of “Computers are totally brain washable”**

** Source:

Any Arguements ?

(My Wish is simply to create a application for cell phones/pda/etc…)


No arguements. :wink: But I don’t use mobile stuff much yet…I usually don’t need to.

Alwil has many versions.

Would be cool to see COMODO make one. :slight_smile:

I use it pretty much every hour that i’m away from the computer ( Also to connect to this forum…)


Indeed. And now that the F-secure found out that there is a new smart phone threat out there that uses the denial of service atatck, called “The SMS Curse of silence” or something like that, i would also like to see Comodo come up with a free solution to our phone problems. Although i am not using an smartphone, i can still connect to internet with my phone, and i think that there could be and probably are some viruses and other stuff also “available” for the older phones that can connect to internet. A good example of this was few weeks ago, a lilbit after christmas. I traveled to Helsinki by train, and as soon as i exited the train, my phone bleebed. Someone wanted to share something with my phone via bluetooth. Well i accepted but did not open the file. Seemed to be somesort of an christmas thing, but i dared not to open it so i removed it. Right after i removed it, the same message pooped up that someone want’s to share files. Accept. Again the same file. Delete. Bleeb. After that i turned off my bluetooth, walked for a while, opened bluetooth conenctio nagain and it was silent. after i returned to the trainstation, it started right after i walked past this one building. And i was nto the only one, oh no. Today at school, a 3 year student said on the table that thesame thing had happened to him yesterday when he was in there. Weird.

A 3 year old student? ??? :smiley:

Anyway, even though I the only mobile thing I have that connects to the internet is my laptop (with some of Comodo’s programs), I think it would be a good idea to have a mobile CIS or something. :slight_smile:

Oops! What i ment to say was that he was studying for the third and final year at our local Business school where i study currently also ;D

Our mobile providers are “filtering” these attacks here…
But i have a mobile scanner active check the screenshot !
This one is on my phone ever since the first beta hit the board :slight_smile:

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