misunderstanding or a scam?

I had a good run with comodo and thought it was an English Company. When I saw that for less than twenty dollars a year, I could have the best internet security, I thought it was time to give comodo some business even thought I did not need extra security and Geek body.
Now after a couple of weeks, I window keeps popping up telling me that in eight days comodo will expire. When I tried out Geekbody, the support took over my PC, could not do any good and ask me to pay a further 56 US Dollars. Very very wierd indeed.

Did you already activate it with the license key you were provided? If so you are supposed to have an entire year before it expires, at least assuming you purchased this one.

How long have you had it for? Also, can you please check the date which your computer is set to and ensure that it is correct? Also, posting the GeekBuddy transcript may be helpful.


Hi Chiron. A few weeks ago and cannot remember if there was a license key for it or not. I uninstalled the lot so I can have some peace.
Transcript was to Nick who suppose to help me with an ANTERROR and a warning DNS Client events 1014
He wanted me to ring his office which was in another country, so I declined. I can’t tell you much more.

When you purchased the product you should have been provided with a license key. You then put that into CIS to activate it, which I believe is also used to activate GeekBuddy, although I’m not sure of the specifics as I don’t use the paid version.

Also, which country are you in? Contact information for varying countries is given on this page.

By the way, I will move this topic to a more fitting board.