Misterious long task in Quarantine


what to do to avoid this very long and annoying behaviour in my (empty) Quarantine?
see photos paying attention to HH-MM-SS.
Is it really necessary for CIS?
No scheduled tasks from myside.
Thanks for suggestions.


this task (always on Sunday at 00:00 and without end until I shout down pc power, therefore it is not a normal scan process) let the HDD to work hard. The entries you see in the photo changes their numbers and their names each second (press F5) and are updated every minute (1:55, 1:56, 4:21, 4:22, 6:11, 6:12…) for hours and hours.
Could you tell me what is this Quarantine/Temp process and how to avoid it?

thanks a lot. Best,

Some news about this very long (CPU consuming) and misterious task at 1.00 AM every Monday night?
What happens if I shout down the PC during this task in the (empty) Quarantine?


You have setup a scheduled AV scan with the decompress and scan compressed files option enabled in the scan profile.

Hi, sorry but I not received email notifications from this topic, very strange.
Do you mean this?

but here I dont see “Sanday 1.30 AM”