missing web protection module

for a very long time I used CIS, and I was very happy with it.
The situation in recent months and the fact that this suite still does not include web protection has definitively made me change programs.
Now that you have released a reliable version, it is possible to set up effective web protection. It is incredible in 2020, that a security suite does not include this type of module.
In the hope of one day being able to put CIS back on my computer.

Totally agree!!! Web protection in CAV and CIS is also required.

Why is the web protection module not included in this version? All antivirus now have it included …

To have web protection you need to resort to browser extensions and / or other DNS of others (in my opinion even Comodo’s DNS are not very effective against phishing, etc … At the moment I’m using those of ADGuard)

What are you talking about? Web filter is there and has been for a long time.

I’m not sure what web protection you are referring to, but CIS has it web filtering for quit some time going back since to at least version 7.

A heuristic web protection that blocks any phishing sites, malware etc … For example like that of Bitdefender Free, Avast Free, Kasperky Free, etc … With CAV or CIS if I visit a phishing site most of the time nothing happens, the web page opens quietly without any block.

CIS should Block any Malware Payload coming from a Website/Browser through Containment or HIPS. Also the AV may detect them. Thus Web protection module is not needed, it has been already thoroughly discussed in the past. Malware can only infect if they are executed in RAM memory and CIS covers that.

It would be desirable for the Cryptominer Javascripts or if they ever develop some kind of Heuristic against Phishing and fraud sites though.

Apologizes for breaking the protocol of this topic, but I think magneto is probably refrerring to this when mentioning ‘web filtering’, although its not a requirement and CIS already cover Malware coming from the web.

exactly mmalheiros, I meant “web filtering”.
What I don’t understand is that during updates, CIS still loads URLs.
Good web protection analyzes certain ports and continuously analyzes the web pages visited.
In the tests I have been able to carry out with malicious URLS, I have never had a detection from Comodo. And on the different tests that we can see on the net it’s the same. This is a big weakness of Comodo.
Please note, an extension like Bittdefender Traffic Light, or Avira Safe Search will not completely replace real web protection. This will just prevent you from going to sites.

Re mmalheiros, I can’t send you a message by PM

Use a good browser or the best one as for today is Google Chrome only.
Use Google Chrome Group Policy for security strengthen
ex: in registry
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





the above settings are optimized for SSD as Google Chrome will use RAM to work and by doing so it will not trash your SSD drive.
So more RAM you have the better as cache on Google Chrome or any other browser will be an disaster for SSD drive so the best choice is RAM!
also the above settings will block your access to ADULT sites, so more protection for You and for kids and in a word FAMILY
For example Google Chrome offers an integrated Adult site block, where with only one setting it blocks over 1.000.000 porn/adult/sex content websites in real time, and without this extension i had to add a very big file with websites in COMODO Internet Security or uBlock Origin and that was taking a big pie from CPU and RAM !
COMODO don’t allow this in CiS but only on DRAGON Platform (do dot be mistaken with COMODO Dragon web browser, also COMODO Dragon don’t have group policy so COMODO Dragon and all other browser are/is useless, and also be sure that if you are using other browser than Google Chrome do not launch it in Administrator mode, Google Chrome don’t allow that and this is A+ for security.

COMODO Internet Security do have WebSecurity, and for me it worked it did noticed me about some websites even if the websites databases are automatic and not as comprehensive since COMODO has an security platform to sell as well so there are the big money and i respect that.

Anyway a user can add extra protection as it can add in Google Chrome the uBlock Origin and select all the filters and add more from Filter lists from around the web · gorhill/uBlock Wiki · GitHub

I totally agree.
But the simple way to block Cryptominer Javascripts is to disable JavaScript in Google Chrome or uBlock Origin!
On laptop is easy to notice when an website is using scripts to harvest CPU power by the the fan/ventilator…on desktop is harder…