Missing icon or pictures in Comodo-Forum with Chrome-Browser

As you see on the attached picture: There are some icon or pictures in Comodo-Forum that are not shown with Chrome-Browser, also in the incogito-window without any extensions. It happens at home- and on my workspace computer.
In Firefox and Opera everythin is fine.
What could be the reason??? :-\

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Hi jagdish,
Try clearing the browser data cache etc.
Also make sure a blocking extension is not set to run in incognito.

Hi captainsticks,
thanks for your answer!
I did clean the browser data cache and there are no blocking extension set to run in incognito,
I even uninstalled chrome, run ccleanner - with no luck …
:frowning: :frowning:

I just installed CD without any extensions with the same result .
Am I really alone with this issue? ??? ???

Hi jagdish,
Is this with default browser settings?
Also check for a faulty/conflicting system plugin, go to dragon://plugins/ and disable all plugins and try again.

Hi captainsticks,
thanks for your patience!
Yes with default browser settings and I tried also with all plugins disabled.
I could reproduce this on three different computers …

Hi jagdish,
I can see by the screenshot that there is indeed an issue.
We might need help to find the common between all computers.
Is there any common coming to mind, are they all using the same connection point?
Sorry I am a little lost for answers at this moment.

Hi captainsticks,
all what comes to my mind is that all have the same provider and german language, computers have different brands, different Operating Systems, different Security Setups.
But with Firefox and Opera everything is fine …
I’ll try to reproduce on some other computers - sometimes it need just a littel patience and time.
So, lets relax and see waht happens …
Thanks again
:-TU :wink:

Thanks, I will relax but still continue thinking about it.

Good luck.