Missing file

Hey guys, BOclean found a file that said it contained a trojan. So I chose NOT to delete it cause I wanted to submit it to VirusTotal and CIMA to see what they thought. But now even though I have the notepad document from BOclean saying where the file is I cannot find it. I went into my folder settings and chose not to hide files or folders already. Any thoughts? Would BOclean have deleted the file anyway? RSK-QBATCH.SAB is the trojan file that was found.

Edit: could it be a False Positive?

Hi Dusuko :slight_smile:

If BOClean deletes a file it saves a copy of it as “evidence.boc” in the BOC427 map by default.

If that is not the case you can search for hidden files with a rootkit scanner.

Greetz, Red.