missing feature used from kerio/sunbelt

First of all, not bad, really. I am satisfied with this product. But I am missing one important feature that I am used from Kerio/Sunbelt personal firewall:
Kerio’s alert popup gives me the opportunity to create a custom rule by simply clicking “erweiterte Filterregel” in the German version which probably is called “advanced rule settings” in the english version. This feature is very useful if the user just installed a new application that tries to connect to the internet. The user can specify that this application can use some specific ports and save the rule at once without first allowing and then limiting the rule afterwards by scrolling for the application in Comodos application monitor.

I think a lot of (if not most) current Kerio/Sunbelt users would switch to Comodo if this feature would be implemented.

Could you also include a search box in all those monitor pages in order to filter the listed applications, components, and others on the fly as the user is typing? This in turn is a feature I am missing in all firewalls including Kerio :slight_smile:

I would also like to set rules directly in the popup.

For now, if you want to restrict the apps to IP’s and/or ports, you should raise the alert frequency level to high or very high in security/advanced/misc.