Missed a CCleaner update

Just started up CCleaner for some maintenance when the program notified me of an available update. As a test I ran the Vulnerability Analyzer and it said that I had no updates available. I was using v2.07.075 and the current one is v2.08.588
The good news is, this is the first miss that I’ve stumbled across so far, so keep up the good work guys ;D

That is good news indeed! Just keep in mind this program updates itself only every so often, maybe a few times a week, so if that update was just released by the CCleaner folks it may not have had time to find its way down to you in the form of an update.

Thanks for the feedback! CVA has been pretty much accurate for me as well.


Hi psych1610,
In other post i mentioned we are not updating CVA database on daily basis but would start from 24th June, 2008 release onwards.

Once we do that, we would be in a position to notify you of updates as soon as possible. We are watching all the products we cover for updates.

We have covered this update and would be available in 24th release.