Mismatched Address Error in COMODO Certificate

We have purchased SSL certificate from COMODO for www.newgentsoft.net.in and done URL mapping for our azure hosted application as below—
www.newgentsoft.net.in – https://newgenhealthcare.cloudapp.net/primero.aspx

So that when user access the site www.newgentsoft.net.in they will be redirected to azure application (https://newgenhealthcare.cloudapp.net/primero.aspx).

But when we access the page we are getting Certificate Error—“Mismatched Address” [ssl_error_bad_cert_domain] stating that newgenhealthcare.cloudapp.net uses an invalid certificate, the
certificate is only valid for following address newgensoft.net.in or www.newgensoft.net.in .

Can anyone help me to sort out this problem? Is there anything related to URL mapping or Windows Azure does not support URL redirection for SSL certificate.

Please reply ASAP.

Hi Shailendra , Sorry , which OS you use , thanks Kind regards