Mirc Tutorial

A mini tutorial of how to open ports for mirc.

First thing you must configure your mirc client:
Go at the “tools” → “options” of the mirc.
On the new tab that appears select “connect” → “options”
There under the box “default port = 6667” is an “Advanced” feature; select it.

Now you must see a smaller window named “Advanced”-“port range for connections”. This is the important part, here you will say which port mirc should use for downloading/uploading:
Ports: “First” = X (the first port you intend to use)
“Last” = Y (the last port you intend to use)
Leave “Randomize ports” unchecked
If you are behind a router you must check “Bind sockets to IP adress” and in that box you must put your routers external IP

ps. You can use the same port for X and Y if you want to use unly one port ( 10 ports should be more than enough)
examples: X= 2050 and Y= 2050 for one port
X= 2050 and Y= 2060 for ten ports

Now you are ready to configure CPF. Go at the “Network Monitor” panel.
There you should click with the right button of the mouse and choose “Add rule”->“add”
at the new window that appear you should put the following rule:

Rule for TCP/UDP protocol (DC++ downloads)

Action = Allow
Protocol = TCP/UDP
Direction = In
Source IP = Any
Remote IP = your computers internal IP adress (you can also use “Any”, if you are using a modem and not a router; by this you won’t have to change the IP address every time you connect in internet )
Source port = Any
Remote port = “a single port”= X (if X=Y) (same with the port used at mirc)
Remote port = “A port range” = “Start Port” = X
“End Port” = Y (same with the ports used at mirc)

Then move this rule up, above the default “block IP in” rule.

by pandlouk

Pandlouk: As always, tx much. Added to FAQ.

You are welcome Paulo (:HUG).

thanks alot!

One open DCC port means the ability to send/recieve one DCC chat/file, did I get this right?

No it just means that the dc will comunicate through one port and nothing more than that. I don’t think that will influence the download/upload or the multiple connections.

You are welcome Scott (:WAV)

So there should be no reason to have more than 1 open port and which also means that whenever mIRC is on, that port is open|filtered and your mIRC might get taken-over at any time?

I’m quite new to all this port-securing issues. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well for being honest some programs need more than one ports. The only chase that mirc will need more than one port is in the chase that you connect at more than one channels in the same time and these channels need a dedicated port for them. In this chase or you will have to use 2 deifferent clients or open 2 different ports at the same client.

And yes when you open mirc CPF will unstealth the port to allow comunication with mirc.

ps.what do you mean your mirc get atken over at any time?

I mean that if the port is open, a hacker can exploit that and get in, no?

When I ‘allow’ mIRC it automatically gives me the ability to connect to servers and channels but DOESN’T allow me to use DCC. That’s where I have to open incoming connections.

I’m getting more and more confused about this ports stuff. (:NRD)

Yes. When you allow incoming traffic that you didn’t request you give access at your pc. But thiss is absolutly necessary for file-sharing programs. But since the traffic gives access only to these programs there is a really low risk.

BUT; Just for confusing you a little more. ;D

Specifically for mirc the risk is higher since another person at the channel can upload to you any file even if you didn’t request for it (this can’t be done with emule, bittorent and other p2p apps) . And this can be a funny photo, an nice mp3 or even a virus, a worm or a trojan! For this reason I suggest that you scan your downloading folder of mirc with an AV program every now and then.

I have NOD32 for now (Till Comodo AV gets better :P) and afaik, the ‘AMON’ feature scans any file that is being read or written too, means it will detect the intrusion. I think.

I feel safe. :slight_smile:

I tried this tutorial after I formatted (with the latest version of Comodo, it doesnt work).

Before I reformatted, after I added the ports that I use In Mirc, to the Windows firewall (I didnt have to add the ports at all to Comodo, dcc worked) no prob at all.

But now, neither adding the dcc ports to the XP firewall or adding what u put here works!

Any more ideas on how to get DCC to work?

(R) I really do like this firewall. I especially like the answers and how to’s on this forum.
Thank you for the mini tutorial. I was able to configure comodo for mIRC as written in the instructions.
My sends work just fine now.
In a way, this really shows just how strong comodo is. I had allowed mIRC during the learning mode,
but comodo went even further. It did allow mIRC, and allowed proper communication, but it still protected me against intrusions from with-in mIRC. I find that to be ■■■■ good. It is the first firewall that I have used that actualy goes into a parent program, allowed or not, and makes certain that all the connections are proper from with-in the program.
It is true that mIRC can be considered a high risk, which is why comodo properly protected me.
LOL, in a way, I fell kinda bad about having to add that rule in.
Comodo really does ROCK. The more I use it, the more I like it.
Thanx again pandlouk for the instructions.

Welcome at the forums (:HUG)

Uninstall and reinstall CFP. This time download the latest english version and if needed the add-on localised language.

thanks :slight_smile:
gonna download it and see if it help.

edit: kewl now its workning in mirc, just need to get send working with icq now and everything would be great :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I’m kinda new to CPF, and was wondering if you could answer this question for me.

I’ve set up a rule to unblock some ports that I use for mIRC. Will these ports remain open all the time, or only when mIRC is running?

These ports will remain stealthed unless another program uses them.