Minor mistake in cmdres.chinese.lang

Information Enabling Reproduction On Other Machines

1. Environment information:
a) CIS Version, if it was a clean-installed or updated from a previous version, indicate installation language:

b) OS version:
Win 7

2. Details of GUI area where the error was found e.g.: ‘CIS Advanced settings’->‘HIPS’->‘HIPS Settings’->‘Monitoring Settings’):
‘Active Processes List’ window: menu.

Defect Description

3. Describe the error in the terms of ‘Expected result:’/‘Actual Result:’ or in any other clear form suggesting alternative texts/spelling corrections/etc:

cmdres.chinese.lang :

“COMODOCo” should be “COMODO”.

 [b]a) If necessary, provide additional information supporting the reason of changes (reference to grammar/dictionaries/etc.):[/b]

4. Attach the necessary number of screenshots with the problematic area(s) highlighted, preferably with colored frames/background/arrows/etc. to easily understand the issue.

Thanks for reporting. I’ve informed appropriate staff.