Migrating from COB standalone to CB

Comodo Backup, new install today based on recommendation from support since the stand alone version of COB is no longer supported. When I try to do a restore of my data, which I have been faithfully restoring on Comodo,s server since 30 Nov 2009, it says User not recognized or account inactive. I logged on to Comodo Account Manager with the same credentials and lo and behold there is all my data events. I bought another 10 gig of storage space even though I did not need it in order to confirm that my account is indeed still active etc, etc. Took my money just fine, so nothing wrong with the account.
Launched CB again, backup does not even allow me to select “online storage”, restore allows me to select it but still not recognized user.
Would somebody over at Comodo go over to the server and unlock my door please!!!

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Please inform support about your login name. I think they will be able to check it


If the password uses special characters such as ‘&’, ‘<’,‘>’,… try to change it.
Looks like there might be some problems with some special characters.