Microsoft.WindowsSecurityCenter.FirewallOverride found by spybot.

Installed Spybot since one of my teachers, that is currently teaching us some basic stuff about computers suggested it to us. Currently doing my first scan with that program and it found something that it listed as Mcirosoft.WindowsSecurityCenter.FirewallOverride. The Firewall override part sounds nasty. Is this somesort of an malware mayhaps?

I think it was me or someone got through my pc in somepoint when i still had one backdoor program inside my computer. Now then, tried few tricks but still keeps complaining.

I had this happen last year to a bunch of computers at the company I worked for. In my case some malware got into the computers. I don’t remember which malware(s). I would keep digging.
Good luck.

Well this is what Spybot has to say.

" “Windows Security Center.FirewallOverride” , if this is found, the Security Center does not monitor the personal firewall"

So windows does not monitod CFP in CIS or Windows does not monitor my own Windows firewall?

It means that the Windows Security Center is not monitoring the status of any firewall that is enabled, CIS, Windows Firewall, or other (and only one firewall should be active at any one time). My experience with seeing this “Firewall Override” (or sometimes it was “AntiVirus Override”) is that some malware either turned off the monitoring feature, or tricked the user(s) into disabling it. The problem I had was not with the security center not monitoring the firewall status. I did find malicious malware on the machines that slipped by the “security” measures my former company had installed. The “Firewall Override” was just debris left over from the malware carnage.