When I run Autorun analyser I find one Unknown entry -
-Unknown C:\Windows\System32\gatherNetworkInfo.vbs
I cannot locate this file and jump to file does nothing, I have never run across this file before but have read it’s benign.
I’m wondering if it’s a simple safe Windows autorun entry why is Autorun Analyser classing it as Unknown ?

I created a bug report for this in the CIS bug reporting section. It can be found here.

Hopefully one of the two teams will be able to find this bug and fix it. That particular file is already in the whitelist, as confirmed by Comodo staff. Links are in my bug report.

I hadn’t seen your report, thanks for pointing it out :-TU
I guess this is confirmation of bug in W8 x64 also
If I can add to or give any further info, as always just ask
Thanks again

Please add whatever information you believe is relevant to my bug report. It may help them to solve it quicker.


I submitted this file to be whitelisted in the thread post apps to be whitelisted.

I submitted it 4 times & everytimes Devs mentioned we are processing the file & its been more than a month & the file is still unknown in autorun.

Please add your system specs, and a link to where the devs said it was already whitelisted, to my bug report.