Microsoft Update does not work anymore.

When I click MS Update, I get a message that I need to add to trusted zone. I already did it but the same message keeps coming up.

Please help.

Windows Updates Doesn’t Update,1632.0.html,1702.0.html,1955.0.html,6518.0.html,6579.0.html,6836.0.html,7866.0.html


I’m slightly confused about context. Your screenshot is showing “trusted site” settings for Internet Explorer, which looks like you’re running IE7.

Your messages says, but so far as I can tell, that domain exists but doesn’t do anything. It looks like Microsoft parked it, to keep it out of the hands of any domain squatters. The domains that are listed in the IE7 trusted sites list should show a green checkmark in the bottom right corner of your IE7 window. Windows Update uses ActiveX controls to download the updates, and actually do the updating to your machine. Your IE7 settings may have disabled the ActiveX controls for the “Trusted Site Zone” of Internet Explorer. Default IE settings for that IE Trusted Site zone should let Windows Update do its stuff.

The background image in your screen shot is the Windows Update site, so you’re getting there okay. That would seem to rule out any CFP settings as being the problem. Unless I’m mis-reading something in your screenshot.

I think he’s running Opera which probably doesn’t support ActiveX. His screenshot shows the same links at the top as the Opera browser. :wink:

The 3rd link given by Ragwing solved my problem.
I disabled comodo, run windows update and restarted comodo. Comodo asked a wholle bunch of question and I ALLOWED evrything.

Thanks for all the help guys.