Microsoft Firewall vs Comodo - Help required

[b]My COnfugeration:

Windows Xp Professional Sp2
Amd Processor

Local Own Network consisting of 25 computers connected to Internet also through Broadband
Network Settings:
IP Address : (my computer)
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway :
Pref DNS Server :
Alt DNS Server :

Microsoft Firewall was installed from when i had installed Windows Xp Professional Sp2

Recently I uninstalled Microsoft Firewall and installed Comodo Firewall

After installing Comodo, my connection to Internet stayed on but I lost connections to my local Computers.

These Computers again got accessed when I uninstalled Comodo and reinstalled Microsoft default Firewall

Therefore something is required to be changed in my Comodo firewall settings

Can someone help please ?


To enable local LAN communications, you need to do two things - 1) define a zone that encompasses the IP addresses used by devices on your local LANand 2) set that zone as trusted.

To define the zone, open CFP and click - SECURITY - TASKS - ADD/REMOVE/MODIFY A ZONE. Click the ADD buton, give the zone a meaningful name and enter the start and end addresses of the zone. Be sure to include the IPs for your routers, print servers etc.

To set the newly defined zone as trusted, open CFP and click SECURITY - TASKS - DEFINE A NEW TRUSTED NETWORK. Click the NEXT button and select the zone we created earlier. Follow the bouncing ball and CFP will create rules in the Network Monitor that will allow controlled communications around the devices within the IP range of the trusted zone.

You don’t actually have to reboot, but it can’t hurt, and forces the new rules to become immediately effective.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: