Microsoft Edge has lot of blocked outbound connections to UDP port 443

I see that Microsoft Edge has a lot of blocked outbound UDP connections to port 443 (see image)

I searched on Google and I found that port 443 is for https connections

In my Comodo Firewall, Microsoft Edge is set as “Web Browser” and inside its Ruleset (see images) I see that port 443 is allowed but only as FTP and not as UDP

May I safely change “Web Browser” default configuration and modify the Firewall Rule for HTTP Requests FTP → “FTP or UDP” ?

Why is it not that way as default?

Technical details are shown in my signature

I imported the Configuration from an old CFW version 5.10

Hi loverboy,

Thank you for reporting.
We are checking on this.


@ loverboy

I have attached my settings for the browsers.

UDP on port 443 is needed for the QUIC protocol

I changed “Web Browser” default configuration (Firewall Rule for HTTP Requests FTP → “FTP or UDP”)