Microsoft Abandons Internet Explorer 8 Development for Firefox 3!!

Can you believe this!?

Steve Ballmer announced early Monday that Microsoft would be [b]halting development on Internet Explorer 8 and focusing the company’s efforts on Firefox 3.[/b]
“I’m going to be downloading it myself, and I’ve told all our employees to download Firefox 3 on Tuesday and instructed our programming teams to start working on making the open source browser better rather than stumble around with Internet Explorer 8,” said Ballmer. “[b]I mean, why bother? Firefox 3 has the ‘AwesomeBar,’ you can’t seriously expect to compete with that, can you?[/b]"

Wow this is something. I’m not really bothered by it though.
I use Firefox anyway. At first it’s a little uncomfortable but if you give it a few days, you’ll get used to it and it’s even better.

Don’t get so jumpy, it’s a prank: :slight_smile:


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Don’t worry, I fell for this one:

Yes, it’s just another joke from BB Spot.


Microsoft had me for a second…

LOL ! ;D Josh got owned ! :smiley: