MFC45.DAT Back Again


For about 2 weeks now I have been getting file MFC45.DAT reported as Heur.Corrupt.PE@4294967295. I have cleaned this, quarantined it, reported it, ignored it, etc but nothing seems to stop it being detected again on the next daily scan.

I recall the same thing happened some years ago and it took an age for Comodo to fix the issue with the same file. Any ideas anyone? ???

If you believe that it may be a false positive please report it through the form on this page.


I try to upload but all I get is

File(s) upload is in progress.

Which for a 74k file should not take 1 hr

Ideas? Tried turning off firewall, and AV, no luck

Crease create a new topic in this section of the forum, upload the file to VirusTotal, and post a link to the results.