met a great problem

just met a great problem that i can not download any softwares from this forum,what’s wroung with comodo server???

No problem here

glad to see no problem at your place,but i do can not download anything from this forum at the moment.furthermore i found i can not open the website

Valkyrie opens here perfectly…
Some infection on ur PC may be stopping you…

why there is still no comodo staff come out and give us a reply???//

Hi sdfsadfdfs,
Have you tried a different browser?
Have you changed any system settings recently?
I have just checked and downloads are working OK this end.

Could be some software blocks connecting to Comodo servers, may be a sec software from another vendor. I have CIS Comodo Dragon and some tools from Comodo and it works fine. Best would be if you use the Comodo Secure DNS Servers. For that you have to change TCP settings.
Here Switch Now - Change to Comodo Secure DNS Service is the link to do so.

are you using peerblock??

of course i have tried with a different browser even with a different computer,but still the same result.and i have never changed any system settings during these days.i also have never used any other security software together with cis.and i even don’t know what peerblock is.

in a word,i feel very glad and grateful to see so many people from other sides on the earth to pay attention to the problem i met. what i feel sad is that the problem still exist,and has been existed for such a long time that the connection between my country and comodo sever has always been very unstable for a lot of years.just 3 hours ago it seems better,i can open the download speed from comodo server was about 100kbyte.but now,the download speed become zero again.what i can not understand is ,why most of the other companys like kaspersky or avira or avast or even avg can bring wonderfull connections to its customers at my country,except comodo???

How do you generally work online?
Are there problems with other sites?
What is your OS?
What browser are you using?
What other security a products you use?
Check file hosts.
Try to use your ISP’s DNS. (Enter manually into the adapter).
Note: Do not use automatically.
Turn off DNS Comodo.

i have tested it on various of computers with various of different settings,OSes,and browsers. the problem is absolutely not at my computer,but at the connection between all the users shared the same isp with me and the servers of comodo.and this problem has been reported time time again in the past for a long time not only by me.u can see it here:�aesup1�aelig��c��csect�egrave�laquoacurren�e�sup2c�laquoacent�a��aecedil�aeordm�cordmsectiefrac14�-t85556.0.html�-aeligsup3�aelig�acuteaelig�degc��aeligmacr�aordm�-t88192.0.html�egrave��cfrac12�areg�a�umlayen�egravepound�aelig�-aeligsup3�aelig�acuteaelig�degc��aeligmacr�aordm�-t82846.0.html

The problem of your provider turns out?
You tried to check with the provider?

All users to confirmed that problems aren’t present.
I don’t know that to tell you. I am sorry that you have problems.
Maybe still who will tell.

i never reported that there are problems at your place,but i showed you the old posts that a lot of people at my place met the same problem with me.

by the way,this is comodo’s official reply to me when i reported the same problem to them 2 years ago.but now,it’s 2 years later,the same problem still can not get solved. and this time there is even no comodo staff came out and say anything about it till now.

Maybe someone from the personnel of Comodo will answer.
Probably it is necessary to ask more and more a question in other sections of a forum.
Or to ask PM of moderators. What to tell?
It is a pity. Only remains to say. (you have such a problem.)

well,it’ should be only a very minor issue if only i met the problem.but the truth is 1 third of internet users in china would met the same problem with me if they choose to use cis.that maybe also the reason that comodo is not popular in china compared with avast, avg, kaspersky or antivir.

Please list all security software on your computer. This includes anything meant to censor the internet, filter web-pages (or anything similar), maintenance software, host-modifying software, etc…

Let’s see if we can figure something out.

i have met a lot of posts at a lot of chinese forums complaining about the super poor update service of comodo cis.but i seldom met a post(like my post) here in english to report this problem to comodo.

i would never install more than 1 security software on my computer at the same time,and would also never install any maintenance softwares and host-modifying softwares on my computer.i can not understand why u think the problem is at the software system on my computer even as i said i had tested it at different computers with different software systems.but the result are all the same.