message priority bug

when i am in game or other fullscreen application, and someone sends me a message (if that message is new and not part of a currently open conversation window) it causes my application to drop to desktop (and sometimes actually crashes the application all together) which is VERY rude and frustrating.

i have experienced this on xp and win 7

is there a way to turn off message priority over other apps?

is it cu chat, or any other ( msn,icq ) chat ?

only unite chat, and im not the only one

i think the problem is that the message opens in a new “active” window instead of opening in a “minimised” window down on the task bar (all the other messenger services manage it)

there is one but … cu is not been develop for years now.

so use any other vpn based software ( for gamers i would recommend evovle evp ). or, if you are running full screen app, close cu.



link me to evolve evp please