I want sync, plain and simple. Why has it been removed in the first place? If not Firefox sync, provide an alternative. If you’re willing to use Google to sync Dragon, why not use Mozilla to sync IceDragon? I work on multiple browsers and machines, and not having sync on IceDragon is keeping me from using it regularly.

Yes, please add sync. It will make usage of CID more comfortable.

I can’t find Firefox Sync anywhere in IceDragon. Any chance it will appear sometime in the future?


‘Google Sync’ has been available in Dragon since the begining and it would be really good for ‘Firefox Sync’ to be available in Ice Dragon :-TU :slight_smile:


IceDragon Sync wold be a great feature. :slight_smile:

I agree. I frequently try new and beta software programs, so frequently rollback my system to earlier “perfect” states using disk images. In the process, I may lose interim modifications and setting changes made to my browsers and other “permanent” software programs. Firefox Sync or an equivalent program to backup IceDragon settings, cookies, add-ons, etc. would be much appreciated.

Another solution is to use portable apps.