[Merged] Need Help with PCTuneUP Program

I am trying to use the PCTuneUP program, but having some trouble.

I initially left the program to scan the entire computer.

After the program scans the entire computer, and after I click on the Fix All Problems, software takes me to a page that states that I need to purchase / subscribe to the program.

Could somebody please explain why is this so when its officially a free program.

Also, if it is really a free program, then why is it asking for me to upgrade/subscribe with a fee/subscription?

I am using Windows 7 Starter.

I am the only one using this computer so, I have set up the computer to be logged int automatically.

So, I guess I am the administrator, or this computer logs itself in as a administrator.

somebody please help with this program.

thanks in advance.
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Hi and welcome wow_user,
There are two versions of the program, but I agree entirely that the product page is very misleading.
You have my word that I will notify/ask Comodo Staff about this discrepancy.

Below is a quote taken from the help file.
PC Tune-up Help

Note: There are two versions of the application – free and licensed. While the free version is capable of only detecting problems in your system, the licensed version is capable of eliminating them. If you are using the free version and wish to upgrade, please click the 'Upgrade Now' button at the lower left corner of the interface.

Optimizing a computer is not a ‘one-time’ deal – it is an ongoing task which should run at least 2 or 3 times per week. PC TuneUp costs only $19.99 per year and will help make sure your computer is kept at peak condition throughout. Please refer the section Upgrading to a Full License’ for more details.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.
Kind regards from Captainsticks.

Thank You Very Much to Mr.moderator of this forum.
Mr.moderator, could you please tell the comodo staff to upload the true free version of the program.
-Thanks in advance.

Hi wow_user,
I have been notified from Comodo Staff that the appropriate guys within the company have been notified of this issue and what happens from here about this issue is now in their hands.

Thanks again from Captainsticks (Volunteer Moderator).

I just got caught out by the same problem. I use a lot of COMODO products, and PCTuneUp is the first time I have been disappointed.

This “free” program is just the biggest downloadable advertisement ever. Download and run it and all it tells you is: “Pay to Upgrade Now because your computer is about to experience a hellish fiery death”. (OK, maybe not quite that dramatic, but it seems about that bad.)

Unfortunately COMODO no longer hosts a download for “COMODO System Utilities”, but, if you Google it, you can find it elsewhere. I suggest using a combination of “COMODO System Utilities” and “CCleaner” to keep your registry (and much more) in good state. PCTuneUp is just a waste of time and download.

CSU download link is still here at the forums as well.

It is not for free. While I accept you need pay for your work, I cannot accept I wasted time with downloading, scanning and staring at shopping webpage until I realized you really asking for money while on the download webpage is this product advertised as free.

By the way, this piece of software look nice and I have no problem pay for it if I find out it is best on the market.


Hi Theo05,
I have merged your topic with an existing topic on the same subject matter.

Kind regards.

OK, I missed this page. Nevertheless, it need to be fixed. Thanks for keeping eyes on it :slight_smile:

Just use another tool. CSU (Comodo System Utilities) is still to be downloaded from the forum in case you want to give this a spin.

What do you mean by this ??

I am looking for a good tool to clean MRU on Windows XP, better than MRU-Blaster which don’t allow to choose what to keep or not, and Comodo Registry Cleaner don’t give that. I tried Comodo PC Tune Up Free but when program as this, is asking connexion to internet, before all other action, and in case internet is off, it does nothing to communicate the user, a problem, I take it to the garbage can.

About what I read here, I see that this was the perfect decision.
And worst of all, I gave it another chance to perform a proposed task which is “Force delete” and “Registry defrag” but everytime my XP SP3 system reboot, the process crashes ! !
A good point though, it seems that the Duplicate Finder is a good one, the first that I find very user friendly, especially for the pictures.

I assumed you might be interested in Comodo System Utilities which still can be downloaded from here.