[merged]Comodo vs. Avast vs. Avira vs. 10 000 malware(On-demand scan test)

Avast, Comodo, Avira vs. 10000 malware part 1 - YouTube Part 1

Avast, Comodo, Avira vs. 10000 malware part 2 - YouTube Part 2

Comodo had got the best det. rate on 10k malware samples in this video.

those tests are useless… 88)

Why Comodo missed that many samples in the very first scan??? I guess Comodo is not flexible enough. Isn’t it strange to scan the same folder twice to detect all the malwares??? I wanted to see the tests with the default settings coz most people go with the defaults. And he should also check some of the remaining samples with the realtime protection. He didn’t mention anything about the malwares, they were new/old/very old/old-new. By the way a simple & good test.


first point is, that avira wasnt set to scan all. it was set to scan “smart extensions” in scanner section.

and comodo was tested WITH its online look up.

so, we cant say that comodo is better from this test, because who wants that his antivirus loads stuff into the internet for a scan? and, who scans the same files 3 times?
and who tests an antivirus while using exceptions in extensions?

for the people who wants their antivirus to use a scan cloud, it is a good result.

apart from the needed 51 minutes to find less of the threats. while avira needed 6 minutes to find a lot more.

Hey guys, a friend of my just told me about these 2 videos. It’s a video about a on-demand Av test. Comodo Av, Avira, and Avast! are tested. He used a total of 10K samples.

You can find part 1 and 2 here:

Part1: Avast, Comodo, Avira vs. 10000 malware part 1 - YouTube
Part2: Avast, Comodo, Avira vs. 10000 malware part 2 - YouTube

The end result was that Comodo Av found 98,19%, Avast 94,39%, and Avira 98,06%.
This clearly shows the Comodo Av is actually very strong, especially with it’s new cloud abilities:)
I know BTW that one test doesn’t mean a Av is good ore bad, but with 10K it’s very interesting to watch :-TU

Comodo did a good jobb!

@webbie146. Yes, Comodo is going from strength to strength, and this is not the only test i have seen lately, that clearly sets Comodos Av detection rate wise above Avira, and Avast. Comodos would at the moment be probably sightly lower than the likes of Emsi /A squared or Gdata, but not much else.

This will change according to Melih who stated that when Dacs hits the internet soon, then Comodo will have the best detection anywhere. However, i have said this before. Until Cavs is tested by the likes of Av Comparitives, then those that seem to think that site as the holy grail of testing, will not in my opinion take it entirely seriously.However those in the know do not just look at detection as the be and end all, they look at prevention also as the first line of defense, and THERE IS NONE BETTER AT THE MOMENT THAN Comodos suite.


Man I’m happy to see that someone else share my view :slight_smile:


I don’t see the problem with enabling the cloud component? It’s enabled on my PC, and works great. Sure scans are a little slower, but i don’t care if a scan takes 10 min longer…

so, we cant say that comodo is better from this test, because who wants that his antivirus loads stuff into the internet for a scan?

I have actually never heard this argument before, a lot of Av’s do it. Panda cloud for example, and actually plenty of others out there. I think it’s a great future, for a enhanced detection rate :-TU

At least Comodo was better, sorry :slight_smile:
Ok, but what would happen when tester run some of the viruses?
Avira would not detected great amount of them - Comodo with Defense + and Sandbox catch 99.9% of malwares.

In summary Comodo is better in prevention.

hello? what was tested? oh, yes, i see the antivirus.
so why do you put things in place that have nothing to do with an antivirus program? defense+? sandbox? what?

how many virusparts were left after comodos 50 minutes odyssee?
how many were left after 6 minutes of avira running with extension exceptions?

if you look at the facts, then comodo wasnt the best in this test.
this doesnt mean that it loses :slight_smile:

Right, it’s some kind of bug, that should be fix.

its no bug. its the cloud that decided while the first scan time what is a virus and what not.

btw, isnt it strange that the cloud simulation didnt detect all malware? that it sends you back an OK for a virus?

in reallity you dont have a folder which shows you that a virus wasnt detected. in reallity you would trust your antivirus even more than healthy, because its a cloud(!)… and after scan you would execute this virus that was “proven by cloud” no virus. then defense+ doesnt help you, because you start that program. you should be protected of permanent infection when it runs in a sandbox.

I didn’t really start this thread with the intention to show everyone that Comodo Av is the best Av ever. I just thought they were interesting video’s, that show the Comodo Av is actually very good. Also if the cloud comes back with a response like ‘‘this file is not malicious’’ it doesn’t mean it won’t get sand-boxed anymore. Comodo will still sandbox the file, and D+ will obviously monitor everything.

Just because a file get’s scanned in the cloud doesn’t mean the detection rate will be 100%. It’s expected that not all files scanned by the cloud will be detected. That’s why CIS got a sandbox/hips.

And for giving away data… yeah maby you want to disable it if your really big about your privacy. Comodo just analysis the file, it’s not like the go ''o wow guys check this file, cool info eh?".

… and i wanted to mention that you should look allways on the result and on the test-technic.
when comodo fails in a test, the test will be looked at for mistakes.
so it should be looked at also when comodo is good.
thats consequent.

Wrong. Comodo did 2 runs and found malware, the third run was only to make sure Comodo wouldn’t detect anything else and it didnt.

Why do you care about the scan time? Just because Avira, considered the best AV of all got beat by Comodo which is considered the Worst (After IObit360) doesn’t mean you and the other haters should just say “doesn’t matter and scan time is all”

True. I do agree if it were ran 1 scan Comodo would have lost but this was a thorough test. Remmember, when Melih gets some devs to fix this issue and gives the AV a little boost in performance, then there is nothing people can say about COmodo AV? is it?.

thanks for these…

I guess one more test would have been to execute all these and see which AV lets thru the infection :wink:

Then we can see how many malware will bypass other AVs vs CIS… :wink: and that is the real test…


i am not a hater.
i just dont like it, when people getting blind when “their favorite product” is number one in the test. keep your eyes open, i said.

i had spoken for comodo in the case that there had been mistakes which caused comodo to be the bad. you see?
and you cocopara, comodo didnt beat avira. comodo needed just over an hour to have a little part of a percent better result after 3 tries. in reallity you dont know how many tries you should do. so a program wins when its good in the first try. and when it doesnt take an hour.

look, when in a discussion about facts suddenly the personal level is spoken, someone can not find fact arguments no more. so he says “hater” to avoid to see any facts that where spoken. stay blind and happy.

i just said: this test doesnt show that comodo beats. and you can read why.

avira together with comodo (apart from the antivirus) is the best prevention combination :slight_smile: