Merged - Comodo OS/Linux

Produce a standalone Comodo Antivirus for Linux (Ubuntu).

There are free antivirus for ubuntu. BitDefender is one of them and works excellent, very fast updates, and right click scanner. Comodo team has to look at improving what already it has, as its antivirus, which is a nightmare to update.


Rolo how is it a nightmare? When i installled COMODO antivirus, firewall and D+ the updates took less than a minute? So what your saying is wrong

When turning on pc after two or three days, it becomes unusable during the antivirus update. It takes 5 minutes or more to update. I use Ubuntu everyay and occasionally I go to XP by necessity, and the difference is very noticeable. I’m using OA temporarily, with Avira Free and AVG Linkscanner waiting to be launched version 4 of CIS, and this combination works very well for me.
Well, but the topic is an antivirus for ubuntu…


well XP is better than Ubuntu… even though XP is usually targetted it is still much better than linux anyday. Atleast this is what I feel. If on linux your using CAV then that’s a different story

Maybe not because non Windows OS malware are very few.

And what do you think on this picture.


It’s Crossing platform ;D

Well, what about those who use Windows alongside Linux (or vice-versa). I think it’s important that security vendors make anti-malware solutions for OSes other than Windows.

Just a quick question, will the Comodo AV Online Scanner work within Linux, where Firefox is the web browser?

That would be just great. /sarcasm

I would love to see Comodo Linux operating system.

Why? so maybe Linux can finally get over the 1% market share roadblock? :-TD

I think comodo should follow this road map, it should next go to phones, They should adapt it to iphones, windows phones and android phones. After that I think they should start looking at the apple market for security, they will need it more and more as time goes on. Then I think the next logical step would be server security, something they could sell along with their certificates to companies.

Me too :-TU.


LOL. They used to have one -` Trustix Linux - highly secure and a nice gui to configure firewall and security. It has unfortuantely been discontinued.

Thanks all for responding to thread.
Now many people are shifting to linux, If comodo takes initiative in developing Comodo Linux, Many more might be interested in it, As whatever Comodo brings they make it excellent.

Then Comodo Softwares will not be limited to windows mostly, Linux as well.

This statement needs a :-TU . I do agree with this.
Lets get a Comodo Linux that will show the power and safety of comodo and Linux.

1% of the market share? Maybe in the desktop world this is correct. Imagine a Linux based security suite which can easily adapted to the Linux based mobile OS. I am sure that we are now over the 1% market share.

Yes please, let the Penguin have its own CIS.


Yea, Imagen a video reveal the linux penguin stands there with a leopard and (a windows creature) circle-ling it then boom penguin transforms to a dragon and destroys all other os animals

i think that would be great, comodo have the potential to make it alot furver than companys like mcaffe and symantec and their os probaly will be better than linux or even micrrosoft

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