Memory leak

Hi, dear Devs!
After using CD for 4+ hours, the available capacity of RAM reduces for about 2.5-3 Gb. No other apps are activated by user.
I’ve tried to solve the problem by (separately): 1. Clearing the browser’s cache. 2. Restarting the CD. 3. Terminating the CD process, later restarting browser.
CD version 80.0.3987.163 (x64) stable.
The list of extensions: VkOpt, AdGuard, Fixer for Java, Gismeteo, HTTPS Everywhere, ImTranslator, Magic Actions for YouTube, Speed Dial, Speedtest, Web of Trust, Runet-censorship-bypass.
Windows 10 1909 (x64).
UAC is disabled.
Default installer path.
Administrator privilegies.
Got no other Chromium based browsers installed.
The problem solves by rebooting.

Hello teamon and thank you for reporting this. We will take a look into this. If it happens next time, please take a screenshot of task manager it will be helpful for us.

Here are screenshots of task manager after ~6h of watching Youtube and after rebooting the PC

Hello teamon, thank you for taking your time to share this issue with us, we are aware of the problem and looking over it!