Memory Leak

Seems to be a fairly large memory leak in Time Machine (latest version dl’d from website; I don’t see a version #).

After hours of usage, clientservice.exe handles skyrocket from 231 to about 18,000 on my system (win 7 ultimate retail) and takes about 450 additional MB of RAM with it. (From Taskinfo v9

Great product otherwise. Hope this gets fixed

Can you please report additional info to help with this bug report.

Such as;
Operating system.
32 or 64 bit.
What were you doing when this happened.
any other Security software on your machine.

P.S To the mods… There should be a stickied post in this board and other bug report threads, how to submit a bug report.

32-bit Win 7 Ultimate (retail).
Security software: A-Squared (real-time) & Comodo Firewall.
Other active: Advanced SystemCare, Smart Defrag, Smart Ram
All of the above are the uptodate versions and I’ve disabled all but the security software with the same issue from CTM.

FWIW, I had just rebooted when I sent the original message and CTM (clientservice.exe) was using 231 handles. I haven’t rebooted since and it is now using 17,100 handles; together with (as of now) an additional 12% of 3GB of ram from the reboot.

None of this has kept CTM from working and, in my tests, it restores everything perfectly. I have noticed, however, dramatic differences in the size of the snapshots; ranging from 11 mb to 6000 mb to back down to 20 mb for (essentialy) an unchanged disk. That doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me, but (like I said) it works perfectly for its intended purpose.

Because of taking incremental snapshot, the snapshots’ size are different. Do you take any scheduled task? Or other CTM settings that look special? Thanks.

Has this bug received any attention lately?

I installed CTM 2.6.138262.166 the other day and noticed that it’s leaking handles at an astronomical rate, seems about 1 per second.

Process Monitor shows nothing untoward at all. Process Explorer shows that the leaking handles are all of type WindowStation, handle name \Windows\WindowStations\WinSta0, the first few are numbered 0x28, 0x174, 0x178, 0x1d8, 0x21c, 0x220, 0x240, then starting with 0x250 they start with a very regular pattern, 0x250, 0x254, 0x25c, 0x260, 0x264, 0x268… etc. The handle access address is 0x0000037f. This address seems particularly important. Googling for this address, I find that it appears to be directly related to WinSta0. It specifically seems related to the defined value: #define WINSTA_ALL_ACCESS 0x0000037F

Here’s some of the most relevant seeming links.

My machine specs:
Dell Latitude E5500
Intel Core2 Duo T9550 2.66GHz (Penryn)
4GB ( 2 x 2GB DDR2 PC2-6400 )
160GB Western Digital WDC1600BEVT-75ZCT2

Win 7 Pro
Comodo Internet Security 3.14.130099.587
Comodo BackUp 2.2.127000.12

Let me know what other details I can provide. I didn’t notice this as a result of any problem, I just noticed it because I try to keep an eye on Process Explorer regularly. The handle count is zeroed out again upon stopping/starting the ClientService process.

Thanks for your feedback! We will look into this issue and fix it in the next version.
Best Regards

Thanks for your feedback! We have fixed it and you can get the new build from here:
Best Regards

I tried this version and it definitely fixed the leak. However, while this is installed, I cannot mount any of my usb memory sticks. Extremely strange behavior. Any attempts to access the media at all results in causing the process attempting to access the media to hang, be it explorer, device manager (mmc.exe), or disk manager. It fouls things up so badly the machine will not shutdown/reboot at all and I have to force it. (As long as I’ve made no attempts to read the usb media, my machine will shutdown/reboot normally).

All of the usb media I’ve tried is fat32. I have no trouble accessing my ntfs formatted 1TB external usb drive. I pounded on it for days trying different things to give me some diagnostics and basically came up dry on all counts. The only utility of the many that I tried that was able to touch my flash media at all was the free tool I found at It was able to complete a surface scan of the flash media successfully without batting an eye.

The instant I uninstalled CTM, the problem vanished. Thankfully. I was just happy to find the issue because for the first two days messing with this, I thought the problem was my ipod dying before I noticed anything I inserted with fat32 would croak.

Again, let me know if there’s any other info I can provide.


Hi aharrison.
Thanks for your report. This is a new bug in CTM 2.7 BETA. We already fixed it. We will release another version for solving this problem very soon. Please look forward.