Memory leak in IE 10

I have PrivDog installed along with CIS 6.3.302093.2976 in a Win7 SP1 x64 system.
The IE addons show a “PrivDog extension” under AdTrustMedia and a “PrivDog” under “Not available”. Both enabled.
I also have Simple AdBlock enabled under addons, but disabled using its icon (it shows as grayed out).

The problem is with some sites, like, and a bunch of other random places.
Memory (Private working set) of IE keeps on climbing above the 700MB at which point IE just can’t do any work.
If I kill IE and it auto-restarts with the same page, memory starts climbing again.

If I disable the “PrivDog extension” under AdTrustMedia, the problem disappears (the second “PrivDog” entry still shows as enabled) and IE memory stays at the usual 60-140 MB.

Is it a PrivDog bug, or some setting that has to be set somewhere?
Anyway I can generate a trace log for it that might help resolving the problem?


Hi kanenas,

Thank you for your feedback.

These are records about PrivDog plugin, first one is for the extension itself and second one is for a command button.

This looks like a memory leaks and we’ll investigate them and fix in future version.

Thanks a lot for your time and help,