Memory Leak in CESM v1.5.1 ?

I have identified what I believe to be a leak in non-paged pool memory with Comodo Endpoint Security Manager version 1.5.1.

The Microsoft tool, poolmon.exe is what I’m using to base this on. After installing poolmon, and generating a local tag file, the non-paged pool tag “Rptr” is translated to the following mapped driver(s) [cmderd] [cmdGuard] [cmdhlp] and [inspect]

The server in question is Windows 2003 R2, SP2 that was completely trouble free prior to installing CESM. Also note that we are only using CESM for the firewall component.

Can anyone confirm or deny that this is an issue in v1.5.1? If so, was it addressed in v1.6?

Please advise,


I did not notice any issues with 1.5.1. If you are referring to SQL using high memory that is normal.

Just curious, but what part of my question makes you think I was referring to anything related to SQL?

What product do you imply?

ESM Server?
ESM Console?
CIS Product?

Thanks for you feedback.

Sorry I was not more specific. The problem is occurring on a server running the CIS product.

This problem will be investigated by CIS team:

We will investigate it according to your feedback.

CESM uses SQL which is why I brought it up. SQL tends to try and use all available memory by default. I was just curious if thats what you were seeing.