Memory Firewall Gone BOClean Gone

I’m trying to stay cool, those were my favorites as stand alone utilities. First one now I
hear the memory firewall is just a memory. I’m a member at World Start Mesage Boards,
they used to brag about the products now it looks, oh well it don’t matter what it looks
like now does it… :-\


They were discontinued as standalone products because they are now both integrated into CIS (Comodo Internet Security).


Actually,why is Comodo team decided to remove BoClean and Comodo Memory Firewall as standalone programs. :cry: Will be Boclean and CMF only in ComodoFirewall(PRO)

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IMO I think that it’s probably because they want users to use CIS and not competitors - marketing.

Boclean is part of the Antivirus and uses the same database.

CMF was only a beta and is now part of Defence+


It looks like Comodo had a different reason than the one mentioned in the conjecture you provided.

Just wondering why they still advertise Boclean on the website 88)

As unwarranted rumors based on misinformed conjectures help no one, if that concerns you SO much you could ask the CEO of Comodo himself. 88)

And I recall you recently stated you’re in these forums to help

Your itching for an argument aren’t you?

Whereas you obviously know that the Comodo CEO could easily clarify what you are still wondering about, do your “wondering doubts” provide clear answers to anyone?

But yet you prefer to post the following…

And this makes me wonder as well… 88)

Makes you wonder what?

88)Why your still here to argue about unrelated aspects instead of asking what you’re still wondering about to Comodo CEO and post his reply here as well.

Wasn’t that easy solution clear enough? 88)

Do you really feel inclined to lead this topic to run in a pointless circle?

Err, You’ve said nothing about Boclean or memfirewall this whole thread 88)
Where I ask my questions is my choice, I choose to ask here since it’s public, Comodo asks for views here; " Please tell us your views and vote here!"

Kyile twisting facts is not helpful at all. Of course I said nothing because I quoted what Comodo CEO’s said and that would be undoubtely more relevant and appropriate than your conjectures… 88)

Or you do feel inclined to argue about that?

You obviously are neglecting the easiest way to address you dubious conjectures.

An opinion is not a fact, It’s a statement, Get your facts right :wink: :smiley:
Btw, Can you pls get a life and stop worrying about mine? :-*

A misinformed opinion is something else whereas when willingly provided it does look a lot like FUD. :frowning:

BTW I don’t know what entitles you to be so rude or to ignore that forums are meant for a many to many interaction.

If you are uneasy about that please consider an one way broadcasting service whenever you look plenty willing to argue in a confrontational way…

Give it a rest guys. What’s done is done.

Ok, just clarify this for me. Is memory firewall part of defense+? i.e. if I disable defense+ will I be disabling the memory firewall too? I don’t see any option in CIS specifically relating to memory firewall.

Amd is BOclean part of the HIPS as well, or the antivirus? Comodos site gives the impression that the antivirus relies on the HIPS to function at the same level as “the leading national brands” of antivirus software, which is like saying the antivirus is not worthy on it’s own.

We need these issues clarified. Memory firewall ought to be a separate component in CIS, not lumped in with defense+. some people might want to turn off defense+ while still maintaining the memory firewall, ect, not an “all-or-nothing” approach.