Memory Errors

Hey guys!
Upon installing Comodo Firewall I have encountered a few errors concerning a particular gaming emulator I use - Project 64 (Not to sure if you’re familiar with it)
I receive two errors upon opening the gaming application:

  1. Not enough memory for Jump Table!
    Followed by…
  2. Failed to allocate Memory.

This problem shouldn’t be directly related to the amount of RAM I have. I’m sure it has something to do with the settings within CF :slight_smile:


Thanks in advanced !

is it put in the sandbox? games may not work well in it.

I see…
What exactly does the Sandbox do to a particular program and how do I remove it from the Sandbox?

Hey and Welcome eXtremity!

I think you need add the wanted application/program in the firewall, which you do through following operations CIS —> Firewall —> Network Security Policy —> Add —> Select —> Browse… Now you have search the file

I think you need to add the wanted application/program in Defense+ as well, which you do through CIS —> Defense+ —> Computer Security Policy —> Defense+ Rules —> Add —> Select —> Browse…

If you have something in sandbox go to CIS —> Summary —> Defense+ —> application(s) currently in the sandbox.


lets do the main step. as the sandbox is most possibly causing this, we should concentrate on this first. before the opener gets confused :slight_smile:
this topic should be in “defense+ and sandbox help”.

i dont use the sandbox from comodo defense+ .
the question is:
how to put an application generally to start outside the sandbox
how to change the permissions of an application (aka change the limitation) while it is running in it?

at eXtremity
Comodo Help does this description here helps you to solve the problem? just do the opposite of “add a program” :wink: . if your game is in the list of “allways sandbox” remove it. and next time when sandbox asks, say “dont sandbox”. you see also how to change the limitation.
i would suggest to enable in the question windows “more options”.

off topic:

  1. I am not confusing the new member
  2. I am telling the new member how to add wanted application which would solve his problem!

But thanks for your info


Thank you both for your help, I truly appreciate it.
Now, I’ve done everything I’ve been suggested to do :expressionless:
Surprisingly, I had nothing in the Sandbox. So it seems that’s not the problem.
I’ve done everything Valentinchen has suggested and I seem to be making no progress. I keep getting the same errors.

What other things in Comodo may restrict the amount of Memory being allowed to be used by a particular exe file?

to get clear that comodo causes this, i would suggest to make a test with “disabled defense+”
right click on the tray icon and choose this for defense+.

the firewall should NOT be disabled!

tell us if the program works then.

another test would be, to disable the sandbox in the same way, and test again.

this is for reducing “possible reasons” and to find the problem.

I’m afraid this doesn’t solve the problem.
I NEVER had this problem before I installed Comodo.
The same problem happened on my laptop. I uninstalled Comodo, and the problem vanished.
So I’ve concluded that it must have something to do with Comodo and its memory restrictions on particular exe. files.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help x)

does d+ give you any warning? like buffer overflow anything like that?


yes, but if you disable (1)defense+ and the (2)sandbox (in the possible variations: one, two, or both) all the restricting factors are disabled! so you will see what is the section that causes the trouble.

the firewall doesnt have to do with ram. so it must be one of theses other two things.

as you said “you are afraid that doesnt solve your problem” it seems as if you havent tested it that way. otherwise you could have been sure.

when we know the problematic section, we can find the solution in the setting of this section.

try the disabling variations.

Yes, as Clockwork says, disabling D+ and the Sandbox will leave you with just the firewall. The firewall itself won’t be blocking anything but network traffic.

If you are still seeing these errors with only the firewall enabled, then the problem is elsewhere.

Also, when you see these errors, have you looked in Defense+ → View Defense+ Events to see if anything has been blocked? (Obviously you will not get any events if D+ is disabled)

Yes. You’re right there. So the problem MUST lie somewhere else. But it must also have something to do with Comodo x) So at least we know where we’re looking x) [I think :|]

I’m actually curious about this. Upon looking at the list, I see that some programs are flagged as “Sandbox As”. What do these flags means? Like, I have nothing in the Sandbox, and I’ve designated them all to the trusted files.

have you also looked at “blocked files”?

Yep. Nothing there. Nothing in the Sandbox Always tab.
I just have some files flagged under “Sandbox As” in the “View Defense + Events”. I can’t seem to change it either. I think they’re just “events” though =/

Yes, they are events telling you something was sandboxed. Were any of these related to your emulators?

YES ! The emulator is down as “Sandbox As” in the Defence+ Events
Now what? :slight_smile:

You said you already had it in your trusted files list?

If that’s the case and it’s still getting sandboxed, you can try giving it the Installer or Updater security policy. Go to Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Defense+ Rules. Select the application, click the Edit button and change the policy to Installer or Updater.

Another thing you could try is to try an exclusion. Go to Defense+ → Execution Control Settings and click the Exclusions button. Add your emulator.

Do either of those help?

I’d just like to give a big thank you to everyone who has helped me this week!
It’s really nice to see a bunch of helpful people.
The problem has been fixed.
Now…err…this is the hard party…
The emulator released a new version which basically fixed the problem :smiley:

Nonetheless, I have learnt A LOT about the applications of this fantastic Comodo suite :slight_smile:

Thank you to everyone. I truly appreciate your help (like really !! )

okey… do you have skype and can you tell me where I can get a game? I know where to get project64 (through google ;D).