mem hog cmdagent

when i’m useing my computer cmdagent.exe uses 10,940 mem usage and 112,376 vm it make my computer run so slow i can’t even click shutdown or reboot plz can someone help me also the cpu usage is 43-100.

What process is causing the high cpu usage? What version of CIS are you using? Do you run firewall only or do you also have the av installed?

How much RAM does your system have? What programs are running in the background?

CIS 4.5 was now using CIS 5 beta also every thing is up to date


Ram -? Dont know

image of task manager a the bottom.

Plz help i now wait 30 mins for the computer to load!

so as

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What process is using 43-100% of the CPU?Cfp.exe or cmdagent.exe?

What makes you think it CIS that is causing it? Do you have "Block all unknown requests if the application is closed " enabled? See Defense+ Settings If so please disable it and try again.

Do you have other security or network related (zenmap, Netlimiter, etc) programs running in the background? What happens when you disable them?

cmdagent.exe uses the most cpu usage ans memory.