Hello Mister,

June 21 is summer.
Summer is the time of year when the solar energy supply is at its maximum and the sun sends out the most light.
Will 21 June mark Comodo’s summer with a new reliable release and a professional approach for CIS for Home ?

It seems that CIS for Home is a thorn in your side.
Some users have paid for CIS; you should not forget that. They are entitled to a decent service unless you cheat them.

You can’t keep on sketching the subject of the future of CIS for Home: free or paid (CIS Pro ?).
If it becomes paid, why not, this assumes that Comodo treats this software in a professional way with professional support and not in a small way as currently.

Hoping that you will finally take the trouble to answer about the future of CIS for Home (as a politeness to its users/customers),

Best regards

we all hope for some answer from melih and we all still have faith… but one year and a half? its getting hard to keed the faith…

It would be nice to get a reply in this topic, since I noticed Melih is Online at the Itarian Forums on a daily basis, even during weekends.

I realized that [at]Melih is no longer Comodo’s CEO. New CEO is Ken Levine.

Things getting change !

The “Home Products” section removed from Comodo.com homepage. There is only “For Home” button which directs you to downlad Comodo Antivirus.

From this moves. There may no need an announce. Actions speak as well.

Comodo Internet Security (Antivirus + Firewall + Other shiny features) suite will be paid product. This is my opinion because of the screenshot below. They offer the Firewall feature in the FULL pack as paid option.

They will offer the Comodo Antivirus for Home users as Free option. As they proved in their homepage Comodo.com.

So Comodo Firewall will not be a stand-alone program in the near future. They will continue to develop CIS, our complete free suite, as paid product.

Prepare for more (maybe…)

I am not a Comodo employee, what I wrote above does not Comodo’s announces. They are purely opinions based on my observations.


Haven’t tried this, but it’s still there it seems: https://www.comodo.com/home/internet-security/firewall-new.php

For now!

They started to delete pages one by one. See the reports. https://forums.comodo.com/report-comodo-forum-web-site-issues-b46.0/

There are also lamentations under the last CIS Release Announcement post (all of them removed).

As I said just my opinion. Let’s see what time will bring.

On the second Link, Melih is still listed as Comodo’s “Founder/Chairman”, so I’d expect Melih to still have authority over his own company. Just take a look at the Itarian Forums and you will see that Melih is active there on a daily basis and is frequently posting new replies. Even during weekends, while the CIS Forum for customers is left abandoned which IMO is very sad. :-TD

Good find Yigido. Today is the one year anniversary of the announcement of the new CEOs appointment. I find it strange that between all the forum users and even more so the staff/mods, that no one pointed this out sooner??? I believe that Melih was passionate about CIS. Now we have a hired gun in what used to be his place and it appears that ‘the times they are a changin’.

Hi yigido,

We have reported these website issues to the related team.
They are working on it.
We will keep you posted.


Some reports are 6 months old. How long does it take to fix a website in 2022 ?
I see your efforts C.O.M.O.D.O RT but it show how “the related team” works, thanks!

Other things that supports my observations…

Firewall will be paid feature, standalone firewall won’t be exist.

The Firewall website is not working. https://personalfirewall.comodo.com/

and the other evidence. “Firewall” feature is offered in paid option :wink:

The website : https://antivirus.comodo.com/

Hi yigido,
In my country, France, the link works

Strange, in Turkey, it does not work. Maybe a temporary problem on website. Comodo is having issues on their own websites.

But what about the secnd photo :P0l

Works in UK

Hi yigido,

Thank you for reporting, are you still couldn’t able to reach to this link https://personalfirewall.comodo.com in your location ?


Now, it works & loads normally. :-TU