Melih - or decision makers please read!

I have been a member of this forum for several months now and i find it to be an awesome resource for computer knowledge and computer security info! - thanks Melih and the development team at COMODO!!!

One thing that i think would make the forum a “MUCH” better, funner place would be to have ‘reputation’ points - ie everyone has on their profile an ‘intellect’, dazzle and citizenship score - you can gain on each category if you post intellectually, or you post a ‘dazzling’ comment or you are generally a nice person who goes out of his/her way to help someone. Every member has the opportunity to ‘give’ a point per comment if they choose to anyone for any post and so do moderators and what not. I think it would make the forum extremely more interactive and be much more fun and may help newbs (like myself once) to want to be part of the ‘action’ a little more…just my 2 cents.


i like the idea…

Good idea. There are several forum working that way allready .

Nice idea Ryan, I like it 8)
Sorry to hijack your thread a little bit but an idea has been ‘circulating’ ( ;D) my mind for some time: what about introducing another member status (alongside: COMODO loves me etc.) called COMODO Addict? I could be given to those who log in daily (and post).
What do you think?


Good :), but it should sound positive… not like “fanatic” or something :). I mean Comodo’s Idol :wink:

Greetings all,

Honestly I am not a big fan of labels, or rankings, etc., except sure ganda being Lt. and others being Sergeants ;)… but probably the idea will work.

Speaking about addiction, posting isn’t necessary, because this forum indeed

…awesome resource for computer knowledge and computer security info!
, so just reading can cause severe addiction problems and as we can see even SecurityManias :slight_smile:

Anyway 2 first “COMODO Addict” statuses should go to ryanman and Sergeant Sykes respectively for posting the idea, which was ‘circulating’ someone’s mind ;D

Cheers! :■■■■

That makes me a Comodo Addict then :slight_smile:

Half of the users are addicts :wink:

Ganda has probably copycated my nickname! That evil creature! >:(;D

True ;D

Oh, c’mon, I only wanted it to sound nice 88).

Me too ^_^, I guess ;). That’s why I put forward this idea >:-D.

I like this idea a lot. It seems strange to me that I read very nasty flaming posts by people who have the titles “Comodo Loves Me,” or “Comodo’s Hero,” whose only purpose (it seems) is to run through the forum setting brush fires as quickly as they can.

Those titles are given when a member reaches a certain number of posts.

I know what you mean though :frowning:


Well most members are only trying to make the product we all enjoy better, I hope anyway…

First off, I am not sure that this forum software supports that idea/feature.

Request this feature here:

Then why don’t you enable it? 88) :stuck_out_tongue: After doing some “investigation”, I found out that it is called Karma. And I have attached a screenie showing how to enable it.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Link for SMF mod