Melih, I wish to apologize . . .

Hey BOSS, I would like to apologize to you for those harsh words I used the other day on my problems with Comodo. With the problems I had been working on for over three weeks with other software I was a little up-thight, then when I downloaded that version of Comodo and installed it and my system seemed to go belly up was the last straw. I have only one system to use on the net and do some of my other projects and cannot have it down for any length of time. When I do not know what I am doing and trying to learn how to do some of these operations on XP is a little intimidating.

I have no one else to depend on for any HELP, especially when my system crashes. Cannot get to the web for any HELP from all of the Forums I hold membership, they have been very HELPful when needed. Your site has been very helpful as well, it is just panic time when it will not come backup as it should. From now on I plan on staying one update behind your output so I stand a better chance of not have a PANCI ATTACK as was the case the other day.

Your approach to providing such strong and good software is refreshing and unique, I applaud you and your Company for this. I am still promoting you & Comodo every chance I get. Will also continue that way if you don’t mind. If you do, so be it, I will still do it for you and your company. I have tried many different FireWalls before will, not list them here, there must be about 20 and this is the FINEST so far.

Then End of this and I hope you are not upset with me, thank you for reading my Posty Toasty,

hey NTxLS

We totally understand, no harm done at all.

We setup these forums and with the help of great people like our mod squad and willing users we get to help people secure themselves and provide help at speeds that sometimes even paid for products can’t match.

You are a gentleman!

thank you and we hope to continue supporting you and millions of others!

again thank you.


Every time you do something bad - go here and ask Almighty Melih for forgiveness (:LGH)

Edit: Oh, he forgave you already ;D (:CLP)

Now that was quite the apology–and very refreshing to see. On internet forums, the internet in general, and in society in general, too many will unleash (vent) their frustrations. Later they realize their mistake, but yet not admit to it, thereby leaving everyone involved frustrated. Kudos to you NTxLS for the courage to admit your misstep.

For this action I give you this: (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

Being it is the weekend have one of these, and know you are a good human being: :■■■■

Melih, Commodus, grayhair,

I will not quote each message here as they can be read below. As you can see I can make a short reply NOT so short without the HELP of repeats.

I C you posted on 15 Feb and I just received the notice today, the delay is not from me.


Thank you for that complement, do not spread that around you will ruin my reputation.


Thank you for this link, except, this should be publicly displayed from my point of view. Better all see how you handle un-ruley individuals.


Thank you also for the ‘clap’ that is refreshing, the last one is not for me, being an alcoholic and free from that scourge for over 40 years, thank you for the thought anyway. I will admit to all of my ERRORS as soon as I find out about them as I have NO ONE ELSE to pin the blame, no sharing of my mistakes, missteps, ERRORS, and miss-usages of words; sometimes on purpose.

I feel re-leaved now and will continue with my dastardly ways, except for keeping my temper under control, I hope.

Thank you for the link, I have saved it for future use as I know the temper will flash again. After looking over some that have posted there, one use of ZA is easy to forgive, but; twice? You guys are very forgiving. Maybe if I can remember all of the ones I have used and changed from will be made public some day. But ZA twice, Norton and Symantec, what a group you are . . . the GREATEST and I am very proud to be a member.

Will be working with my training wheels attached for many years to come as I am a very ssssllllloowww learner. Monster Truck Tires are too small for me.

TIA, for reading my Posties,

You’re the man NTxLS. Respect for ya buddy. Glad to have you here :■■■■

NTxLS, you deserve BIG respect for this (:WAV)


Enough, I know you do not get this type here very often, but; I am not accustomed to this type of treatment.

Thank you one and all for your comments and all, if this continues I will need to use a bigger hat. Cannot afford one that is why I am using CFP FREE, Avira AntiVir FREE, SBS&D/w TT FREE, EditPadLite by JGSoft FREE along with many other. When you retire, don’t do it, thingys get very tight and it is not what everyone thinks. It stinks!!!

I do appreciate all of those KUDOS, like I said, ENOUGH, you have work to do and stay out of here, BAG!!!